Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a form of social media advertising where the focus is on promoting a product or service with the use of influential people. These advertisements can take many forms: Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, Tweets or even Snapchat stories.

What GeoFluence Does DIFFERENT

Influencer Marketing was only available to large businesses who can pay big celebrities to endorse their products, this is effective yet too expensive for small business who have minimal marketing budgets. Paying large Influencers is also very wasteful for companies who have few locations because Influencer's with many followers would be advertising to people who aren't in the area of their business.

GeoFluence is the perfect service for Businesses who still want the effectiveness of Influencer marketing without the price and inefficiencies of paying a vast Influencer. GeoFluence advertises with Influencers directly in the city of your business, which means the majority of the people seeing the post will live in the same area as your business.

GeoFluence Influencer Marketing Example

Example: Benjamin Schieber, a local High Schooler with over 616 followers on Instagram, making a post promoting the local coffee shop.

This may look like an average Instagram post, but it is full of marketing tools for your business.

  • Tagged the Location - If people are unaware of the area of your business people can find the address through this post.

  • Tagged the business - By tagging the business's social media page, the post will increase traffic to the business's page. Increased traffic to your business's page can increase the follower count of your pages leaving a lasting effect of the marketing campaign.

  • Hashtags - The hashtags on this post will highlight this post to people who are searching for your business on social media.

  • Detailed Insights - Using the tools Instagram provides to "Business Accounts" on Instagram we can track lots of impactful data such as how many individual people saw the advertisement, and how many people took action when they saw this post and clicked the business's account.